Most see piece of the property located at the main unit which has two master bedrooms and on the corner of each room, sitting for more than a century, there are two wood burner chimneys.

The main chimney is surrounded by the master handcrafted unique wooden work that was done in 1915 and carefully and originally restored without sin. On both sides of the master wooden work, there are sitting and back cushioned benches with the feeling of coziness. Snug enclosed with wooden pedestals and warm color tiles preserved from the original owner, and that were recently rejuvenated expertly by the skillful master. Two antiques original vintage gorgeous chandeliers stand proudly on the top the niche.

On the corner of the second master bedroom, an original wood burner chimney ornaments the ambiance of a decorated room with a handpainted wall over the chimney done by master artist Mo- Mojodi.

Both of the chimneys are sitting over a structural brick channel that goes from the first floor and continues down to the basement as a vent and an ash dump space and goes from the firebox place bricks smokes chamber to the roof and it is covered with a custom made metal cap.

Two wood-burning chimneys with the brick smoke chamber recently cleaned and installed damper with cable plus added custom made metal cap and chase cover.