Electricity & Plumbing


All units and basement have dedicated CAT5 and coaxial cable lines from the main low voltage panel with enough outlet connection for almost any room and living rooms plus separate sub panel and 6 outlets for the basement.

All units, basement, and laundry room have their own power subpanel and dedicated power cable from the main panel. During rewiring all wires, cables, outlets, switches, bathroom fans, LED recessed light, etc. replaced with new and installed done by a Master Electric Company.

Cable post system handrail for all stairs units with exterior “316” stainless steel material done by stairway, website: MJ-Modern Stairways.com

All the piping and sewer lines were replaced up to the border of the property with heavy cooper and added water return line to water heater. The whole sewer line was redone and added enough cleanout and vents line with a highgrade PVC sewer pipe and accurate job of Royal Plumbing company.