The Gate, the fence, and other corners and areas of the building are covered with majestic Brazilian walnut wood IPE (read: ee-pay) whichis one of the most expensive, dense, and strong resistant as wood material against weather, insects, and rot in the world.

Two custom heavy-duty gate doors, Iron gate and metal post covered with IPE wood. IPE Wooden fence over the redwood fence for both the two side borders of the property, almost 200 linear feet walls. Corners and other areas on the side of the building are covered and decorated with IPE wood.

This exotic wood gives a glory accent and perfect matching between decoration and the fence and the door.

16 outside LED lights on the premises of the building that operate automatically with individual dusk and dawn sensor, plus 8 outside power outlet.

Parking and walkway area after adequate preparation and foundation with installation of a new drainage pipe and pops-up and connection to downspout covered by Calstone Brand pavers Quarry stone Category and colors are mix and match Sunset Terracotta and Chaco Canyon and fill the gaps with Polymeric Sand and also the Calstone brand for retaining walls, planters and steps and their color is Red Charcoal. Post mailbox Pedestal with 8 mail boxes that is secure with concrete foundation close to the gate made of aluminum anodized color Vital Brand cluster type series F from AF Florence manufacturing company.

All the ceramic pieces use for ornaments and to number the units “1-6” and the building “251” and “715” are tailor and hand made by the famous ceramic master Babak Daleki

and they are noticeable by any pedestrian and visitor. These carefully placed and selected pieces of art enhance the taste of a Persian accent blended with other elements of Persian art in the front side and inside hallways of the property.

Look at the invitational masterpiece compound of the mirror and tiles at the entrance of units 1 and 2. Other master art pieces of the same artist have been installed in the subway station of Iran’s Capital “Tehran”.