All the interior walls and ceiling were redo and replace with 5/8 thickness drywall with finish levels number 5 that is topmost level and much more time consuming and costly high-end style these days.

Common walls with adjacent units under the dry walls from both sides added sheets of plywoods as more support and noise reductions. Both basement and entrance walls and floor areas are covered with an antique pattern limestone and equipped with two underground swamp pump.

Top-notch job woodwork all around the spaces for baseboards and crown molding, windows and doors frames plus add value and max usage of spice closets cabinetry, friendly look drovers, shelves, and desks that have adorned handles matched to other parts of the interior design.

11 (eleven) Ceiling fans Hunter brand with LED lights, remote control, and wall switch control both ways All spaces with LED recessed light labeled for energy efficiency down lighting. Six Zoter brand video door phone and monitoring with doorbell and camera for backside units, basement, and second-floor unit. Parma Brand laminate flooring with a seashell pattern that installed in perfect way over the underlayment
padding for moisture and noise reductions barrier.

All second floor covered with natural soundboard insulating sheathing as deadening board noise reduction.

4 apartments are equipped with heat pump energy-efficient cooling and heating system that transfers the cool or the heated air with duct and outlet vents. The systems are controlled with smart and wifi connection through the Nest brand thermostat. 3 apartments are equipped with a split-control air conditioner system known as a ductless system. The wall-mounted units are controlled separately and individually with remote control and individual thermostat. These 3 apartments run with a total of 9 inside units and 3 outside condensers.

All the walls and ceilings have eco-friendly stonewool insulation. It is fire, moisture, and noise-resistant. The best for heat, cool, and noise transference reduction.
As part of the complete fulfillment of the interior design, some walls, at least one wall in each unit has a faux painting on accent walls with a different pattern, textures and color grain from each other that create extra perspective on some of the walls plus over the desks with naturally aged redwood planks with unique look of knots, color and scoring, website:

Interior painting was done in the master way by Sean painting company with all premium paint Sherwin- Williams brand. Covered designated space for two gas water heaters the Rheem brand one is new, with circulating hot water pump for immediate use of the residence and conserve water.