One of a kind landscaping that has been assembled the form of curves, color, and gusto of the East. On the borderline with more than 200 linear feet retaining blocks that filled the colorful plants. And then against the building walls partitioned with the Camelia Japonica Krame’s Supreme plant that given an edge with a rim of Italian pots. This pattern of the using Terracota – Moka clay pots repeated in all elements of edging and design of landscaping even on the side, backside, and walk side of both streets and with the other exposure of upside down small pots that made edging three curvy planter that inspiring Persian carpets patterns. Plus upside-down pots for steps accesses to the back gate too. The curly pathway that connected walkways are encased cyan petite shaped ceramics from Egypt with more than two thousand Turkish and Persian turquoise bead are studded between dark gray pebbles.

Adjacent to the parking area, 17 distinguished Sky Pencil Japanese Holly trace the border on the outside.

The other arrangements and designs that used ceramic pots used 5 pieces of antique museum pieces are two olive storage pots from Cyprus it looks like submarines stated 300 years old. In Cyprus these pots are hanged from the ceiling with thick ropes to keep them away from the reach of the rodent and bugs.

Two Greek antique pots 250 years old that were part of equipment for the Ouze (a Greek hard alcohol drink) distillation process, and one yogurt storage pot that belongs to the mediterranean area from 300 years ago.

All planters and different landscaping areas in total have more than 16 lines of irrigation line that are controlled by two irrigation timers and with two types of dripping system or sprinkler system for the backside walkway that put 30 sculpture of pots in tri-level with 3 different type of plants, each pot has an individual outlet and dripper and as well for 21 pot that used in both walkside of Middlefield and Everett Ave.