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10,000 sqft corner lot, with a 100 linear feet frontside on Middlefield Rd, and 100 linear feet frontside on Everett Ave. This building was originally built and owned by a lumber manufacturer and distributor, it is easy to guess that the structure of the building has high-quality heart redwood that is still in excellent condition. 80% of the building is sitting in the basement that is surrounded by reinforced concrete and rebar retaining wall and footing. The height of the basement is 72 – 79 inches and has 35 wooden columns that support the structure too. Those posts and beams are covered with Cedar decorative wood.


The Gate, the fence, and other corners and areas of the building are covered with majestic Brazilian walnut wood IPE (read: ee-pay) which is one of the most expensive, dense, and strong resistant as wood material against weather, insects, and rot in the world.

Two custom heavy-duty gate doors, Iron gate and metal post covered with IPE wood. IPE Wooden fence over the redwood fence for both the two side borders of the property, almost 200 linear feet walls. Corners and other areas on the side of the building are covered and decorated with IPE wood.

This exotic wood gives a glory accent and perfect matching between decoration and the fence and the door.

16 outside LED lights on the premises of the building that operate automatically with individual dusk and dawn sensor, plus 8 outside power outlet.

Parking and walkway area after adequate preparation and foundation with installation of a new drainage pipe and pops-up and connection to downspout covered by Calstone Brand pavers Quarry stone Category and colors are mix and match Sunset Terracotta and Chaco Canyon and fill the gaps with Polymeric Sand and also the Calstone brand for retaining walls, planters and steps and their color is Red Charcoal. Post mailbox Pedestal with 8 mail boxes that is secure with concrete foundation close to the gate made of aluminum anodized color Vital Brand cluster type series F from AF Florence manufacturing company.

All the ceramic pieces use for ornaments and to number the units “1-6” and the building “251” and “715” are tailor and hand made by the famous ceramic master Babak Daleki

and they are noticeable by any pedestrian and visitor. These carefully placed and selected pieces of art enhance the taste of a Persian accent blended with other elements of Persian art in the front side and inside hallways of the property.

Look at the invitational masterpiece compound of the mirror and tiles at the entrance of units 1 and 2. Other master art pieces of the same artist have been installed in the subway station of Iran’s Capital “Tehran”.


One of a kind landscaping that has been assembled the form of curves, color, and gusto of the East. On the borderline with more than 200 linear feet retaining blocks that filled the colorful plants. And then against the building walls partitioned with the Camelia Japonica Krame’s Supreme plant that given an edge with a rim of Italian pots. This pattern of the using Terracota – Moka clay pots repeated in all elements of
edging and design of landscaping even on the side, backside, and walk side of both streets and with the other exposure of upside down small pots that made edging three curvy planter that inspiring Persian carpets patterns. Plus upside-down pots for steps accesses to the back gate too. The curly pathway that connected walkways are encased cyan petite shaped ceramics from Egypt with more than two thousand Turkish and Persian turquoise bead are studded between dark gray pebbles.

Adjacent to the parking area, 17 distinguished Sky Pencil Japanese Holly trace the border on the outside.

The other arrangements and designs that used ceramic pots used 5 pieces of antique museum pieces are two olive storage pots from Cyprus it looks like submarines stated 300 years old. In Cyprus these pots are hanged from the ceiling with thick ropes to keep them away from the reach of the rodent and bugs.

Two Greek antique pots 250 years old that were part of equipment for the Ouze (a Greek hard alcohol drink) distillation process, and one yogurt storage pot that belongs to the mediterranean area from 300 years ago.

All planters and different landscaping areas in total have more than 16 lines of irrigation line that are controlled by two irrigation timers and with two types of dripping system or sprinkler system for the backside walkway that put 30 sculpture of pots in tri-level with 3 different type of plants, each pot has an individual outlet and dripper and as well for 21 pot that used in both walkside of Middlefield and Everett Ave.


2,868 sqft basement that includes one storage room, a kitchen and a half bathroom toilet and sink; 11 windows and two entrance opening that provide enough ventilation and lighting.

Handmade Spanish floor from Mexico with moisture
and crack barrier (Schluter-ditra matting ) installed

Handmade glazing Senecas studio tiles from Ohio for base and wall accent, website: SENECA

Patina painted shingles cedar wood over faux painting.

Woodgrain pattern hand-painted and sanded for the ceiling


All units and basement have dedicated CAT5 and coaxial cable lines from the main low voltage panel with enough outlet connection for almost any room and living rooms plus separate sub panel and 6 outlets for the basement.

All units, basement, and laundry room have their own power subpanel and dedicated power cable from the main panel. During rewiring all wires, cables, outlets, switches, bathroom fans, LED recessed light, etc. replaced with new and installed done by a Master Electric Company.

Cable post system handrail for all stairs units with exterior “316” stainless steel material done by stairway, website: MJ-Modern

All the piping and sewer lines were replaced up to the border of the property with heavy cooper and added water return line to water heater. The whole sewer line was redone and added enough cleanout and vents line with a highgrade PVC sewer pipe and accurate job of Royal Plumbing company.


All the interior walls and ceiling were redo and replace with 5/8 thickness drywall with finish levels number 5 that is topmost level and much more time consuming and costly high-end style these days.

Common walls with adjacent units under the dry walls from both sides added sheets of plywoods as more support and noise reductions. Both basement and entrance walls and floor areas are covered with an antique pattern limestone and equipped with two underground swamp pump.

Top-notch job woodwork all around the spaces for baseboards and crown molding, windows and doors frames plus add value and max usage of spice closets cabinetry, friendly look drovers, shelves, and desks that have adorned handles matched to other parts of the interior design.

11 (eleven) Ceiling fans Hunter brand with LED lights, remote control, and wall switch control both ways All spaces with LED recessed light labeled for energy efficiency down lighting. Six Zoter brand video door phone and monitoring with doorbell and camera for backside units, basement, and second-floor unit. Parma Brand laminate flooring with a seashell pattern that installed in perfect way over the underlayment
padding for moisture and noise reductions barrier.

All second floor covered with natural soundboard insulating sheathing as deadening board noise reduction.

4 apartments are equipped with heat pump energy-efficient cooling and heating system that transfers the cool or the heated air with duct and outlet vents. The systems are controlled with smart and wifi connection through the Nest brand thermostat. 3 apartments are equipped with a split-control air conditioner system known as a ductless system. The wall-mounted units are controlled separately and individually with remote control and individual thermostat. These 3 apartments run with a total of 9 inside units and 3 outside condensers.

All the walls and ceilings have eco-friendly stonewool insulation. It is fire, moisture, and noise-resistant. The best for heat, cool, and noise transference reduction.
As part of the complete fulfillment of the interior design, some walls, at least one wall in each unit has a faux painting on accent walls with a different pattern, textures and color grain from each other that create extra perspective on some of the walls plus over the desks with naturally aged redwood planks with unique look of knots, color and scoring, website:

Interior painting was done in the master way by Sean painting company with all premium paint Sherwin- Williams brand. Covered designated space for two gas water heaters the Rheem brand one is new, with circulating hot water pump for immediate use of the residence and conserve water.


Top brand brushed stainless steel Fisher & Paykel appliances for all 7 kitchens with top features. Hood and convection for microwave, standing range with oven and dual independent drawers dishwasher.

Refrigerator with drawing rack freezer at the bottom.

Upscale stainless steel pull-down spray kitchen faucet. Undermount stainless steel contemporary square sink, plus ½ horsepower badger brand garbage disposal.

Porcelanosa porcelain Spanish Sevillian tile with Dover antique pattern with orange peel finishing for the kitchen backsplash and customized mirror frame for the bathrooms.

Custom made Euro-style Overlay kitchen cabinetry covered with RTF (Rigid Thermal Foil) durable to stain and scratch, to add more value with stylish handles. Each door has dual functional hinges, regular and soft-close, and independent shelf lazy susans for corner cabinets. With flawless quartz countertops.


Most see piece of the property located at the main unit which has two master bedrooms and on the corner of each room, sitting for more than a century, there are two wood burner chimneys.

The main chimney is surrounded by the master handcrafted unique wooden work that was done in 1915 and carefully and originally restored without sin. On both sides of the master wooden work, there are sitting and back cushioned benches with the feeling of coziness. Snug enclosed with wooden pedestals and warm color tiles preserved from the original owner, and that were recently rejuvenated expertly by the skillful master. Two antiques original vintage gorgeous chandeliers stand proudly on the top the niche.

On the corner of the second master bedroom, an original wood burner chimney ornaments the ambiance of a decorated room with a handpainted wall over the chimney done by master artist Mo- Mojodi.

Both of the chimneys are sitting over a structural brick channel that goes from the first floor and continues down to the basement as a vent and an ash dump space and goes from the firebox place bricks smokes chamber to the roof and it is covered with a custom made metal cap.

Two wood-burning chimneys with the brick smoke chamber recently cleaned and installed damper with cable plus added custom made metal cap and chase cover.


Fincibec brand Italian Porcelain Tile Natura soft pattern with Sand Blasting finishing texture in two different mix and match colors that installed with a metal band for all the edges and corners setting over new waterproof with the update material.

Hansgrohe shower faucet with thermostatic adjusting knob and on-off flow button valve made in Germany with long arms and wide square
soft shower heads

Cardinal brand heavy glass shower enclosure with stainless steel hinges, handles, towel bar, and clips with fusion protection coat on both sides for preventing deposits of soap scum and hard water stains and easy cleaning water repellent.

Ten D shape one piece elongated Toto brand toilet with a swirling flow flushing system


Entrance doors are aluminum doors with a panic handle and a wall rail handle for the stairs over the laim stone entrance.

All interior doors are JELD-WEN wood composite Brekley style studded with modish square stain nickel finish handle Halifax brand and the units entrance doors are fiberglass Masonite brand Eveland Cianne Cherry style with oval shape beveled glass leaded windows that have been primped with Schlage brand handles set an aged bronze anodizing color, plus magnet door holder and stopper.

All windows are covered with down to bottom up cordless home decorators collection color of Snow Drift plus fiberglass screen mesh for windows opener

Windows are Milgard Brand with the anodized dark bronze color frame with dual-paned glass and Low-E coating for energy-saving and UV protection.

Two Velux brand roof windows dual-paned glass plus Four rigid sun tunnels for the first floor installed on the roof.


Laundry room onsite with two new stackable washer-and-dryer Whirlpool brand, cabinet space, and extra deep utility sink. The main unit 251 has it’s own stackable washer-and-dryer.


All old roof shingles were replaced with Presidential TL triple laminate CertainTeed brand in September 2017 after completing the insulation from the attic and adding 26 vents for ventilation of the attic area underneath of the new shingles. OSB TechShield Radiant barrier plywood has been installed as a radiant reflector to help the energy efficiency of the entire building. Wooden cedar shingles plus protection steal and stain for dormer walls side has been installed too.

All gutters have been attached to the k-style gutter cover guard to keep the gutters clean from leaves and debris.